Are you currently thinking about starting a Web site? Then you're probably curious about what exactly a website costs. You may choose to set it up all by yourself, but that requires a certain amount of technical knowledge. Nowadays it is simply a lot easier to have a customized website made. Having a customized website made saves you a lot of time, while at the same time delivering high quality. Your website will be exactly as you envisioned it in no time.
What does a website cost

What does a website cost?

There are then several options available to you. One entrepreneur may want a relatively simple website without too many features. And someone else, on the other hand, wants a website with all the trimmings for the greatest chance of achieving success in the digital world. 

WordPress website costs

WordPress is a content management system. As such, it is directly the most popular option in this field. Thus, more than 75% of all websites with such a CMS run on WordPress. This type of system purely aims to make creating and filling a website a lot easier.

Next, the cost of a WordPress website depends on how much money, time and effort you want to put into it.

For example, do you prefer to do almost everything yourself? Then you can come out pretty cheap. You will pay around 5 euros per year for hosting and 5 euros per year for a domain name. Total cost? 10 euros a year.

However, for many people, that is an inconvenient and time-intensive route. If you want a full-fledged website with many different features, you will incur additional costs.

For example, there are the paid themes. You then put down a certain amount of money for a professional design. This makes your website look a lot more professional. The cost of such a design is easily $50 and can rise above $200.

And then there are the plug-ins. These give additional functionality to the website. These also have different costs associated with them. Generally, they are between $15 and $50.

It is then sometimes easier to have this all done at once by a professional party. You are then often cheaper as well.

One pager website costs

With a one pager website, you choose a website with one main page. This main page then shares the most important information of your website. A one pager is often popular when you want to achieve a lot of conversion. Since visitors to your website get all the information on one page, it provides an overview.

Nowadays it is a very important point to make sure that the one pager is also responsive for mobile and tablet. This means that the functionalities and readability of the website remain identical even on a smaller screen.

Having a one pager website created generally involves a slightly lower cost than a more advanced option.

This is purely due to the fact that a little less work goes into setting up such a website. However, attention is paid to an optimally professional look. Therefore, this option is particularly popular with start-up entrepreneurs.

By no means everyone has the right knowledge or amount of time to build a website themselves with WordPress, for example. And so they often choose to have a website created.

With a professional party like Site4Work, this is already possible for €599. Within 14 days you will receive a complete website that meets all the requirements to make your start-up a success. The fastest and cheapest service you will find today. 

Website with web shop costs

In addition to a WordPress website or a one pager website, the website with a webshop has certainly been in demand in recent years. With the rise of dropshipping, there are more and more people who need a webshop. There are also specific costs associated with a website with webshop.

For a website with a web shop, for example, you also need a payment option. Visitors to your website must be able to make a purchase.

And what about a mailing list? You can extract real value from a mailing list. But it must be possible for visitors to your Web site to sign up for it.

A website with an online store involves additional features, which add a little more cost.

At Site4Work, these features are included in the €799 package. Your website with webshop costs will be slightly higher, but you'll always get extremely high value in return.

Within 14 days you will have a fully functioning website with web shop at your disposal. Ideal to start your business quickly, cheaply and effectively.

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