Texpro Holland


Tex Pro Holland's site is a simple website consisting of 2 pages. The main purpose of this website is to serve as a digital business card, therefore a larger website was not necessary. We still did our best to give the customer an experience on this website. We did this by making the website nice and playful with moving paint rollers, paint splatters and a driving car.

Project information

Main Font: Objectivity
Sub Font: MS Gothic

Colors Used:

The Customer

Texpro Holland is a painting company that focuses mainly on finishing interior walls in the form of sauce work, also called texing.

The Goal

Pepijn very often got a surprised reaction from customers when they heard that he did not have a website for his business. Pepijn felt he was missing out on a lot of customers because of this. The goal of this website is to also be findable online and have a digital business card.


The rights to this video belong to the client. 

Pepijn Dubbelman
Texpro Holland

The website pages

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