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First, we exported all the pages from the old website and started looking at which elements were important and which were not. Then we worked with Mike to sketch out a new design. Then we made the design 2021 proof and made sure that the main Call to Action is book a consultation. This led to a complete website with a clear purpose. We are very pleased with the end result and Mike was super happy with it!

Project information

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Sub Font: Verdana

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The Customer

Reach your target audience with social media marketing. We help business owners get more customers by targeting the right audience through social media.

The Goal

The old website of Marketing by Bulls was created with Wix. Although the website functioned fine, it was not unique and came across as very unprofessional. There was also a demand for a possibility to post blogs on the website. This would bring more traffic to his informative website. The main goal is to turn visitors into customers through a free consultation.


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Mike van Ginkel
Marketing by Bulls

The website pages

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