Koot Automotive


We chose the colors white and blue for the playful and modern feel. We also chose the pale color orange for the parts that need to stand out. Still, to make the design a bit tougher, we used the angular image with a separation in between.

We have also ensured that Vincent can always easily update his website and even more easily add and remove new cars once they are sold.

Project information

Main Font: Roboto
Sub Font: Roboto

Colors Used:

The Customer

Koot Automotive is a Dutch automotive brokerage company where the customer and his vehicle are the main focus. They are active in maintaining, finding, selling and modifying vehicles. Hereby they relieve their customers from A to Z in the field of automotive.

The Goal

Vincent Koot wanted a modern but playful website with cool elements. He wanted lots of space for nice pictures so he could properly show what kind of beautiful pictures he can take of your car. He also wanted the ability to easily edit and add new cars.


The rights to this video belong to the client. 

Vincent Koot
Koot Automotive

The website pages

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