Custom Recruitment


By using bright colors, we made sure the website stands out and together with the cheerful image in the background, this creates a striking and friendly look. As main call to action we chose view vacancies. This leads directly to an overview of all vacancies where visitors can apply directly. These vacancies can easily be edited.

Project information

Main Font: Objectivity
Sub Font: none

Colors Used:

The Customer

We are Custom Recruitment and we provide customized recruitment and selection for clients in Retail. Always looking for the right people at the right place in the middle and high segment at both branch companies and independent entrepreneurs.

The Goal

As you may know, a recruitment agency is a relatively boring niche with an awful lot of competition. So the goal of the website was also to show an upbeat look and stand out among all the competition, but it had to beobviously remain professional.

In addition, website visitors needed the ability to send their resumes to specific job postings.


The rights to this video belong to the client. 

Sandra Wijngaarden
Custom Recruitment

The website pages

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