This is how we create a website

Our working method is based on a transparent and collaborative approach. We believe that good communication and clear planning are key to a successful end result. From initial contact, we begin by gathering your needs and requirements, and work with you to get a clear picture of your project goals. We then create a plan to achieve these goals, keeping in mind your budget and timeline. During the design and development process, we keep you informed of progress and make adjustments as needed. In this way, we guarantee that you are satisfied with the final result.

This is how a website is built

Our working method

Step 1

free consultation

During this consultation, you'll tell us what your plans and ambitions are for your business. In addition to this, we would also like to know what you are up against and what difficulties you are experiencing. With this information, we can tailor a strategy to help you grow your business.  Even if you still have doubts about whether we are the right match for you, feel free to contact us. This conversation is completely non-committal with the sole purpose of helping you further.
Step 1
Step 2

The first concept

Then we start designing your website, within a few days you will already receive a first version. This is not a first version of the website itself but a design (drawing) of it so you get a good idea of how the website will look like. Through an online platform you can follow the design process closely, you will receive a link via email.
We will look at this design together and after your approval, we will start building the website.
Step 2
Step 3

Building your website

After we get your approval of the concept, we'll get to work building your website. We make sure that your website will be ready for use in three weeks.

Step 3
Step 4

Ready to go!

Once the website is ready, we make sure it is fully SEO optimized for the best findability and add it to Google. We also take care of optimizing the entire website so that it works as fast as possible. Then your website goes live and sales can begin!

Step 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you process my wishes?

We listen carefully to our clients' needs and requirements and regularly consult with them on the progress of the project. We may also ask the client to share reference sites they like so that we can get a better idea of their style and design preferences.

Do you also do website maintenance?

Yes, we offer both design and development services and can also be responsible for regular website maintenance depending on the specific needs of the client.

Do you also make a mobile website?

Yes, we design responsive websites that automatically adjust to different screen sizes, including mobile screens.

Do you also do SEO optimization of the website?

We optimize the website through technical SEO, such as improving the structure and content of the website, using relevant keywords and improving the loading time of the website. We can also advise on content marketing strategies that can help improve search engine rankings.

How does the collaborative process work?

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we have a clear understanding of their needs and requirements, and provide regular updates and feedback rounds throughout the project. We are also always available for further questions and comments.

Do you also manage the website?

Yes, we can provide guidance on managing the website, such as regularly updating content, improving performance and securing the website.

How do you take care of website security?

We take measures to secure the website, such as regularly updating software, implementing security certificates and monitoring the website for any security incidents.

Can you implement external links?

Yes, we can help you integrate third-party tools and services on the website. This includes connecting analytics tools, social media platforms and other third-party services to improve website functionality and provide greater insight into performance. Our developers are experienced in various integration techniques and can help you find the best solution for your specific needs.

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